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Accessories for E-Songbook

Key Lock and Cable

The Key lock is designed with a locking mechanism that swivels 360 degrees for easy movement, and can be easily hitched to a table top or s stand.  With a steel cable that can extend up to 3 feet, the Key lock can prevent theft and unwanted abuse of the E-Songbooks.

Models Price Order
Key Lock and Cable $18


Leather Cases for E-Songbook 107 and 108

The leather case is designed to house the E-Songbook together with an external battery and stylus.  It also has a opening in the back cover for the Key lock so that the E-Songbook can be locked down without coming out of the case. In black only, the leather case provides security as well as the professional look.

Models Price Order
Leather Case for E-Songbook 107
Leather Case for E-Songbook 107 with external battery pouch
Leather Case for E-Songbook 108
Leather Case for E-Songbook 108 with external battery pouch


External Battery 5V/9V/12V (6000 mah)

The external battery holds 6000 mah for additional 5 - 6 hours of E-Songbook life.  It is capable of providing 5V, 9V, and 12V power depending on the need of the E-Songbooks. It also fits into the leather case pouch, becoming invisible to the users. 

User Manual (170KB,ZIP)

Models Price Order
External Battery 5V/9V/12V (6000 mah)


Wireless Router TP-Link


TP-Link WR740N is a 150Mbps wireless N router that is compatible to 802.11 b&g.  It has internet port and 4 port switch.  When connecting to a host using a LAN cable, such as JB-199, be sure to use any one of the 4 port switch (NOT the internet port). 

How to Set TP-Link Router for E-Songbook (4MB ZIP)

Models Price Order
Wireless Router TP-Link TP-WR740N



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