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"No More Paper Songbooks" and "No More Printing"

E-Songbook is an electronic songbook that manages the song lists of Karaoke / Music players. It can display more than 200,000 songs in 40 different languages using a single or multiple list layout. Imagine "No More Paper Songbooks" and No More Printing".

E-Songbook can instantly sort and search the songs by index, title, or artist at a touch of your fingertips. It can also scroll through the song list and jump to any page with a single touch.

E-Songbook can create and manage unlimited number of Favorite Lists for customers.  It can store the favorite songs for each and every customer in separate lists for easy and quick access.

E-Songbook can receive and display messages, such as who is next to sing, the last call for drinks, or someone left his lights on.  It literally rings in the messages without disturbing your use of the E-Songbook.

E-Songbook can remote control to reserve, play, stop, select, or cancel the songs directly into CAVS JB-199s, CAVS Karaoke Laptops, CAVS Touch Screen AIO PCs, and CAVS PlayCDG KJ Deluxe 64 LT players.  You can enable or disable this powerful feature for each E-Songbook individually or for all E-Songbooks together.

E-Songbooks, up to 256 units, can communicate simultaneously with a single CAVS Karaoke player or any Windows based laptop / PC.  The communication is based on Wi-Fi Intra-network.  It does not need Internet connectivity that may or may not be available in local bars or restaurants. 

E-Songbook is a powerful Touch Screen Tablet with Android 2.2 / 2.3 OS.  It requires no mouse, no keyboard. It imports the song list automatically using WI-FI, or using micro SD card. E-Songbook will surely enhance your karaoke fun with the latest network technology.

If you have an iPhone, iPad, Android Smart-Phone or Tablet (such as HP, Motorola, Samsung, etc.), you can simply install the CAVS RS II Apps free of charge and turn your devices into an E-Songbooks. Please go to iPhone & iPad or Android Smartphone & Tablet for detail instructions.

E-Songbook 107-VR (7" Touch Screen Tablet)
E-Songbook 108-SRC (8" Touch Screen Tablet)
Key Lock with Cable
Leather Case for E-107
Leather Case for E-107 (with battery pouch)
Leather Case for E-108
Leather Case for E-108 (with battery pouch)
External Battery 5V/9V/12V (6000 mah) - additional 4 - 5 hours
Wireless Router TP-Link TL-WR740N
Upgrade CAVS RS Client program for E-Songbook CAVS RS Client v2.4
(Instruction for Upgrade) (Instruction for upgrade)


How to Set Up

Specifications of E-Songbooks

  • E-Songbook 107-VR

  • E-Songbook 108-SRB

  • E-Songbook 108-SRC


  • Display more than 200,000 songs in 40 different languages.
  • Scroll and Jump
  • Sort by Index, Title, or Artist
  • Search by Index, Title or Artist
  • Reserve to Queue
  • Save to Favorite List
  • Preset Pitch, Tempo, and Customer name
  • Create and manage Favorite Lists
  • Import song list using by Wi-Fi or micro SD card
  • Connect up to 256 units simultaneously
  • Play, Stop, Program, Next, and Cancel songs*
  • Voice Cancel, Continuous / Single play mode*

* available when connected to CAVS Karaoke player.

How to Operate E-Songbook

In the Home window of E-Songbook, tap on the CAVS RS II icon and start the program.

  1. Main Menu

  2. Settings

  3. Song Book

  4. Search by Title

  5. Search by Artist

  6. Favorite List

  7. Queue / Remote Control

  8. Podium


How to Operate CAVS RS II Server program

CAVS RS II (Reservation System) Server program runs within host units, such as CAVS Karaoke players or Windows based laptop / PC, to communicate with E-Songbooks. Please go to CAVS RS II Server program for the description and instruction on how to operate the program.

User Manual

E-Songbook User Manual (Web Manual)
Download E-Songbook User Manual (PDF, 2.9MB)


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