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PlaySCD+G: Commercial SCD+G Disc Player for PC

Super CD+G discs are compatible to PC with Windows (95, 98, ME, 2000, XP) and a DVD-ROM drive. Simply insert the disc, and play hundreds and thousands of Karaoke songs right in your PC.
All commercial SCD+G discs comes with PlaySCD+G player program that has powerful karaoke features:


- Play Super CD+G discs
- Pitch and Tempo Controls
- Equalizer with 8-Frequency blocks and Auto-Adjustment pre-amplifier
- Resizable CDG (Lyric Display) Screen
- On-screen Song List with Sort by Title, Singer, and Song Number
- Volume, Browse, and Pause Controls
- Voice Cancel (L, R, Stereo Channels)
- Repeat Off / One / All songs.
- Direct Key Controls
- Display of Remaining Time, Song Number, Progress Bar, and Setting Status

PC Requirements

- Pentium I -166Mhz or higher
- Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7
- DirectX 7.0 or higher (for Windows 95, 98)
- Sound card
- 32MB RAM
- DVD-ROM drive

User's Manual

- Start PlaySCDG program and there will be a black CDG screen
and PlaySCDG control panel.
- The CDG screen which displays the lyrics can be re-sized by clicking
on the edge and dragging.
- In the control panel, there are following functions:

  1. Display remaining time, channel (L, R, Stereo), song number, and setting status.Close PlaySCDG program.Voice Cancel: Select a Stereo / Right / Left channel (In multiplex Super CD+G songs, a singer's voice is usually recorded in the right channel, so by selecting left channel, you can eliminate the singing voice).Display the About and Help information.Indicate the Progress position of the song in play.Repeat Off / One / All songs in the Song List.Search and play the previous song in the Song List.Stop play.Start play or pause. Press again to release pause.Search and play the next song in the Song List.Volume Control. Slide up / down to increase / decrease the music volume level.Open Song List. Select a song and press the Open button to play. Also double click on a song to play.

  2. Open Equalizer, Pitch Control, and Tempo Control window.
    Control the volume level of 8 frequency blocks.
  • Enable/disable Auto-adjustment Preamplifier.Reset after finishing a songEnable EqualizerTempo Control (-25%, 50%)Pitch Control (-6.0stp, 6.0stp)Reset after finishing a song
  • Enable tempo/pitch control

    Press the EQ button again to close the window.

Direct Key Controls

  • O : Open Song ListV : Voice Cancel - L / R / StereoS : Stop Play< : Previous Song> : Next SongP : Play / Pause
  • E : Open / Close EQ, Tempo, and Pitch Control Window

Download Super CDG Player

  • Download the PlaySCDG( 1.79MB) program file into your PC and install.
  • Insert the Super CD+G disc into your disc drive and start the PlaySCDG program.


For tech support, please email to techsupport@cavsusa.net.

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