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  • Encoder MCG

Encoder MCG converts CD+G songs (of CD+G discs, BIN files, and RW MP3+G files) into CAVS MP3+G files (MCG format), enabling easy and convenient storage of songs in PC. Imagine never having to worry about your discs getting scratched or stolen ever again. You can access and play instantly the CD+G songs of MCG format using PlayCDG, PlayCDG Pro, PlayCDG PE, and JB-99 players.


  • Convert CD+G songs of CD+G discs to CAVS MP3+G files (MCG format)*
  • Convert CD+G songs of RW MP3+G files (such as those produced by MP3GTOOLZ or CDG Ripper program) to CAVS MP3+G files (MCG format).
  • Convert CD+G songs of BIN files (such as those produced by CDRWIN program) to CAVS MP3+G files (MCG format).
  • Convert CD songs of CD discs to MP3 files
  • Selectable conversion speed, conversion rate, and lyric sync timing

*See the list of compatible CDR drives in PC Requirements.

PC Requirements

  • Pentium I -166Mhz or higher
  • Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7
  • 32MB RAM
  • CD-ROM drive*

    * For MP3+G file conversion, one of the following CD-Recordable drives is

    - Plextor CDR 52/32/52, CDR 48/24/48.
    - Plextor DVDR 508, DVDR 708.
    - Plextor PX 708A or UF, 712A or UF, 716A or UF, and 760A.
    Contact CAVS Tech Support at techsuport@cavsusa.net for confirmation.

Installation Instruction

  • Download the Encoder MCG program file from Download below. It is a self-extracting Winzip file that will begin to unzip with a double click. After unziping, double click on Setup.exe to begin the installation and follow the instructions.

User's Manual

  • Start the Encoder MCG program and you will see the following display window.

  • Insert the disc you wish to convert into your CD-ROM drive. If you have more than one CD-ROM drive, select the proper drive from the pull down menu of the Source.
  • If you wish to convert the RW MP3+G files or BIN files to CAVS MP3+G files, select the directory which contains the RW MP3+G files or BIN files.
  • Select the conversion speed, the conversion rate, and the lyric sync timing.
    • Conversion speed: Speed at which a song will be read from a disc (a slower speed means less chance of reading error).
    • Compression rate: Rate at which a song will be compressed into a MP3 file (higher kbps means less compression and thus better quality sound).
    • Lyric sync timing: Time by which the lyric scrolling can be set ahead or behind the music (each step is of 1/75 second).
  • Place check marks on the tracks (or the files) that you wish to convert and type in the title under which the converted files will be saved. If you wish to convert all tracks in the disc (or in the directory), click the "Check all" button and insert the common title under which the converted files will be saved.
  • Select the Target directory in your PC into which the converted CAVS MP3+G files will be saved.
  • Place check mark on Send graphic file checkbox to convert the graphic data of CD+G songs.
  • Click on Encode button to begin converting.
  • Resulting files from conversion, *.mcg and *.mp3 for each CD+G song (only *.mcg files for RW MP3+G files) will appear in the Target directory.

Trouble Shooting

1. "Send graphic file" checkbox is not enabled.

  • Be sure to have a compatible CD-ROM drive for CD+G, specified above in PC requirement.

2. In Windows 2000 and XP, an error message "CD-ROM drive not found" comes up even though a CD-ROM drive is installed.

  • Go to "C:/Windows/System32/" directory  and check for a program "wnaspi32.dll".
  • If the file "wnaspi32.dll" exists, then go to "C:/Program Files/Cavs/Encoder MCG/" directory and delete the file with the same name "wnaspi32.dll".
  • If the file "wnaspi32.dll" does not exist in "C:/Windows/System32/", then download "COMPELASPI.EXE" into your PC and double click on it to install.  After the installation is complete, go to "C:/Program Files/Cavs/Encoder MCG/" directory and delete the file "wnaspi32.dll".
  • Restart the program Encoder MCG.
  • Having installed "COMPELASPI.EXE", you must also delete the file "wnaspi32.dll" from each of the PlayCDG, PlayCDG Pro, PlayCDG PE, and JBManager program directories to run the respective programs properly.
  • Having installed "COMPELASPI.EXE", if the program Encoder MCG still gives out the error message "CD-ROM drive not found", then go www.goldenhawk.com/download_body.htm or www.adaptec.com for the latest WINASPI driver.

3. In Windows XP, Vista, 7 Encoder MCG program will not restart after it is closed.

  • Upgrade your Encoder MCG to the latest version from below.

For tech support, please email to techsuport@cavsusa.net.

Download and Upgrade

To download Encoder MCG program, please complete your purchase with credit card payment at the checkout counter. You will then automatically receive an email receipt with an access link to download the program.

To upgrade Encoder MCG program, please download the upgrade patch and double click to install.

Note: All sales of software products are final without refund.

Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7
Upgrade Encoder MCG Ver 1.019
Encoder MCG Ver 1.019
$ 29.99
Special Combo Pack 1
(Encorder MCG +KJ Deluxe + Deocorder CDG)
16.0MB $109.99
Special Combo Pack 2
(Encorder MCG + PlayCDG SP + Deocorder CDG)
16.0Mb $ 89.99
Special Combo Pack 3
(Encorder MCG + PlayCDG Pe + Deocorder CDG)
10 Mb $ 69.99
Special Combo Pack 4
(Encorder MCG +KJ Deluxe(3 Pc License)+ Deocorder CDG)
16.0MB $139.99
Special Combo Pack 5
(Encorder MCG + PlayCDG SP(3 Pc License) + Deocorder CDG)
16.0Mb $ 109.99
Special Combo Pack 6
(Encorder MCG + PlayCDG Pe(3 Pc License) + Deocorder CDG)
10 Mb $ 99.99


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