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  • Decoder CDG

Decoder CDG program converts files of following formats:

  • Converting MCG and CDG files into standard BIN files of CD+G disc, Decoder CDG allows you to make your own custom-made CD+G discs*.
  • Converting CDG files of JB-99 to MCG files and vice versa, Decoder CDG allows you to share the files between JB-99 and PlayCDG programs**.
  • Converting MCG and CDG files into CDG(RW) files of MP3+G Toolz and CDG Ripper, Decoder CDG allows you to share the files of JB-99 and PlayCDG program with other PC CD+G players such as WINAMP and WINCDG**.
  • Check HOW TO MAKE CD+G DISC for requirements and instructions.
  • Note: For non CAVS CDG (CDG RW) into CAVS MCG conversion, Encoder MCG is required. The CDG name listed in above chart, is CAVS CDG.

*To write the BIN files into CD+G discs, you will require an additional disc writing program such as CDRWIN (available free of charge for 1x writing) at www.goldenhawk.com.

**The conversion of CDG files are limited those created by JBManager program and not of factory song packages.

PC Requirements

  • Pentium I -166Mhz or higher
  • Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7
  • 32MB RAM
  • In order to make custom CD+G disc, CD+G compatible CD-Recordable drives is required. We recommend Plextor drives, and check goldenhawk for different model of Plextor drives.

Installation Instruction

  • Download the Decoder CDG program file from Download below. It is a self-extracting Winzip file that will begin to unzip with a double click. After unziping, double click on Setup.exe to begin the installation and follow the instructions.

User's Manual

  • Start the Decoder CDG program and you will see the following display window.

  • Select the Mode of file conversion.(view 1 in the pic)
  • Click the Add button to add the source files.(view 2 in the pic)
  • Check the files you wish to convert. If you wish to convert all files, click the "Select all" button.(view 3 in the pic)
  • Select the Target directory in your PC into which the converted files will be saved.(view 4 in the pic)
  • Click on Decode button to begin converting.(view 5 in the pic)
  • Resulting files from conversion will be saved in the Target directory

Trouble Shooting

  1. Keep getting "Insufficient Disc Space" message.
    - Approximately Bin files are of approximately 50MB per song compared to 5MB of MCG or CDG files. Be sure to allocate sufficient disc space when converting.
  2. The disc in which the Bin files were written will not play in a CD+G player.
    - Bin files must be written onto a disc by CD+G authoring program such as CDRWIN, and not by any standard Data CD writing program.
  3. For tech support, please email to techsupport@cavsusa.net.

Download and Upgrade

To download Decoder CDG program, please complete your purchase with payment at the checkout counter. You will then automatically receive an email receipt with an access link to download the program.

To upgrade Decoder CDG program, please download the upgrade patch and double click to install.

Note: All sales of software products are final without refund.

Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7
Upgrade Decoder CDG Ver 1.109
Decoder CDG Version 1.109
Special Combo Pack 1
(Decorder CDG +KJ Deluxe + Encorder MCG)
16.0MB $109.99
Special Combo Pack 2
(Decorder CDG + PlayCDG SP + Encorder MCG)
16.0Mb $ 89.99
Special Combo Pack 3
(Decorder CDG + PlayCDG Pe + Encorder MCG)
10 Mb $ 69.99
Special Combo Pack 4
(Decorder CDG +KJ Deluxe(3 Pc License)+ Encorder MCG)
16.0MB $139.99
Special Combo Pack 5
(Decorder CDG + PlayCDG SP(3 Pc License) + Encorder MCG)
16.0Mb $ 109.99
Special Combo Pack 6
(Decorder CDG + PlayCDG Pe(3 Pc License) + Encorder MCG)
10 Mb $ 99.99


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